Mutual self-defense joint defense alarm system principle

First, system overview

On July 1, 2008, young Beijing Yang Jia attacked the police in Shanghai, causing six deaths and five injuries. Yang Jia committed the crime after the crime occurred on the ground floor and went to the 9th floor, the 11th floor and the 21st floor to commit crimes. The crime took a long time, causing numerous injuries to the police. The reason why he was able to cause such great harm alone is that the most important link is the lack of mutual aid networked alarm systems, resulting in the fact that the police cannot be quickly transferred between the police. Imagine if, after the case occurred on the first floor, all the rooms knew what had happened at the same time, the office police immediately went straight to the police room, and perhaps this tragedy would not have occurred. From the occasion of Yang Jia killing the civilian police to all public office occasions, the security work of all enterprises and institutions has been awakened. The mutual assistance, self-defense, and defense system within the installation unit has no time to delay.

The Mutual Self Defense and Defense Alarm System is developed on the basis of the Bostex BTEPS security management platform. It integrates radio frequency identification technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, infrared sensing and sound and light alarm technology in one high-tech product. The basic principle is: installing one or more emergency alarms, an electronic display screen and an audible and visual alarm in the blind corner of each room or corridor. Once an emergency occurs, the office personnel immediately press the emergency alarm, and the XPLOC controller simultaneously The room number is broadcast to all bars in the entire area. The buzzer in all rooms will ring at the same time. When an alarm occurs, each employee in the unit can instantly know the number of the office he needs through the screen. On the one hand, he reminds that an alarm event has occurred and pays attention to the self-protection awareness; on the other hand, he reminds the personnel working in the unit to implement mutual assistance. Self-defense, improve the team awareness of the unit, to minimize the degree of harm. At the same time, the BTEPS management platform can promptly publish this message to designated personnel via SMS or e-mail to facilitate the timely aggregation of information and immediate handling of emergencies.

Not only that, the system can also be unattended. When the important departments are unattended, real-time monitoring and access control on important occasions are realized through the disarming and defense function of the BTEPS system. For example, when the finance staff goes out, swipe the access card reader to set the system to arm. If someone illegally enters during arming, the system will send an alarm message to all smart alarm terminals.

The system can share a unified BTEPS platform with systems such as access control, CCTV, alarm, fire protection, elevator, attendance, consumption, patrol, personnel tracking, and visitor management to achieve a true sense of security and prevent people's lives and property.

Second, the system consists of the system consists of the following components:

(1) XPLOC alarm host (2) BS1000-1 terminal control board (3) electronic stripe screen (4) system management software (5) DC power supply (6) buzzer (7) sound and light alarm (9) emergency button ( 10) Wire (communication line and power line), 485HUB should be installed where 485 communication line cannot be integrated

Third, system network diagram

Fourth, the system features

(1) Alarm linkage: When a room's emergency exit button is turned on, all the screens will display the room information (the software can specify the displayed message), and the buzzer sounds in all rooms. This function enables all rooms equipped with the self-defense and defense system to immediately know the alarm information at each point, and immediately perform self-defense preparedness and implementation.

(2) Electronic map function. When the alarm occurs, the software in the BTEPS management system will promptly pop up the electronic map of the alarm location. The command center can do real-time monitoring.

(3) Multiple alarm queuing functions: When multiple emergency alarms are turned on, multiple alarm information will be displayed on the screen in a timely manner to avoid missing alarms. This function avoids sonic attacks. If there are multiple alarms at the same time, the police force can be allocated and the rescue measures can be prepared and implemented.

(4) SMS and EMAIL alarm function: After receiving alarm information, BTEPS security platform can immediately upload to the command center monitoring center. The command center can instantly send alarm messages or EAMIL to the designated person's mobile phone or EMAIL mailbox according to preset settings. .

(5) Arming and disarming functions can be realized: When important places such as vaults or archives, when people leave, arming is installed, human detectors are installed, and when someone is active during the defense, the alarms can be displayed on the screen of each linkage center. information. All people in the defense area are on duty.

(6) Alarm release function: When an alarm occurs, a special person is required to release the alarm, and all the screens display the time information after the alarm is released, and the alarm device cancels the alarm.

(7) Time display function: When there is no alarm at ordinary times, the time information, weather information, etc. can be displayed on the bar screen.

(8) Information publishing function: The bar screen is the window of each room and the command center. Through the BTEPS platform, the center can customize the messages of each screen when there is no police situation, such as issuing notices, releasing simple information, and controlling the number of releases. , scrolling frequency, etc. Do more than one screen.

(9) Timed reminding function: The command center can customize the reminding function according to the requirements of the people in different rooms, such as prompting someone to do some tasks at a certain time in time through the screen.

(10) Integrate with access control card: The BTEPS integrates the most advanced access card system in the world. The system can be seamlessly linked with the access control card system. It can integrate the card access information of the access control or the alarm information of the door. To share information and share equipment.

(11) Linkage with alarm, firefighting and technical prevention: This system not only realizes the function of air defense, but also can directly connect the fire protection, unit perimeter prevention, and other alarm signals of the unit to the system and promptly announce the relevant public alarm information. On each screen.

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