Lanqiong Multy-use De-rust Spray Lubricant

1. Multi-functional: Anti-rust, dehumidifying, decontaminating, noise-reducing, etc.
Removes moisture and grease
Loosens rusted screws
Stops noisy squeaks
Frees sticky engine parts
Cleans inner parts of engine
Forms a thick film layer on the target surface
2. Widely used in metallurgy, precision instruments, mold, vessel, automobile, motor, etc.

3...Form a protective film on the surface, isolate the air and moisture.
4. Penetrates and loosens rusted parts, dissolve the rust.
5. Remove moisture on the metal surface, avoid equipment short-circuit and leakage.

Seal keep 18 months in room temperature.

Keep away from children.
Keep away from skin and eyes, you should clean your eyes and consultate the expert if you put it on eyes.
FOB price: 1.2-1.8USD per unit
Content: 550ML
24pcs/carton, 830cartons for 20 foot lading
We accept small order, free sample is welcome!
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