Ringlock Scaffolding Accessories Ledger Head 40/48mm:

1. Material: 45# steel
2. Weight: 0.45kg
3. Brand Name: WST
4. Surface treatment: HDG/Galvanized/Black
6. Standard: ISO9001 2000
7. Main market: Russia, Australia Africa, Asia and mideast
8. Quality: Durable, stable, skid-proof, antirust, easy to assemble & dismantle
9. Packaging: First in bags, then put bags in pallets.
10. High quality and best price
11.100% products exported to the world

Our workshop and products photos:

Regular packing photo:
Name  Spe
Material  Surface 
Ledger head  40/48 0.32/0.37/0.44/0.45/0.50/0.54/0.55 Cast steel 30# Zinc /black 
Brace head  40/48 0.55/0.56/0.57/0.58/0.61/0.62/0.64/0.65 Cast steel 30# Zinc /black 
Rosette  120*8 0.35 Q235 steel Zinc /black 
Rosette  120*9 0.40 Q235 steel Zinc /black 
Rosette  120*10 0.45 Q235 steel Zinc /black 
Pin  140*6 0.12 Q235 steel Zinc /black 

Deep Hole Coated Drill

For deep hole drills, when drilling deep holes, it is necessary to discharge a large amount of chips from the hole and at the same time send a sufficient amount of coolant to the cutting edge of the tool. Generally, twist drills are difficult to meet this requirement. When drilling a deep hole with a larger diameter, an internally cooled twist drill can be used to input the coolant through the hole in the drill body under pressure or through a small tube placed in the groove on the drill body. To drill a particularly deep hole, a special internally cooled deep hole drill bit must be used for forced input of coolant under high pressure while flushing out the chips appearing in the hole.

Deep Hole Coated Drill

Deep Hole Coated Drill,Tungsten Carbide Coated,Twist Drills,Drill Long Bit


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