Decoration skills: the door feng shui taboo and solution

1. The feng shui in the door is not good.

We know that the door is on the water in the Yangzhai, and the mirror is reflected on the mirror surface, which will form a double mouth, which will have a serious mouth effect.

The solution is to move the mirror to the opposite door. If you can't shift, you can temporarily cover it with a thick cloth (not available with transparent gauze or lace material), and you can achieve a certain resolution when you use it.

2, the door of the household is not relative

Many apartment buildings, both the east and west households can not avoid the door-to-door situation, the most direct effect is the corner of the mouth, in addition, there will be the effect of returning the door, the door is pressed by the small door, and many people are less. Small doors, people with fewer people are gradually retreating.

Solution: You can hang the Eight Immortals in the door. If the door is bigger and there are more members in the family, it is recommended to add a string of five emperors next to the Eight Immortals to enhance the gas field of the house.

3, the door goes out to the stairs up

This kind of pattern should be noted, because we know that "the door is the mouth and the stairs are the tongue", so the most direct effect is the tongue. In addition, the air under the stairs directly hits the door, which will directly affect the stability of the gas field in the home. Unstable, it will lead to the effect of accidental blood.

Solution: If you can set the porch to convert the undergas, this is the most thorough way to resolve. If you can't set the entrance, it is recommended to place a group of five emperors at the threshold to resolve.

4, the mother-in-law destroys Feng Shui

In order to emphasize the design of the door width, some houses often use the mother-in-law door. The door is open on both sides, but the size of the left and right sides is different. The left and right small ones will have the disadvantage of the hostess's health, or the effect of changing the wife. There will be unfavorable male owners' health or divorce. If there is a house in the home, the effect is greater, and it should be changed or resolved quickly.

Ways to resolve: The most thorough way to resolve, it is best to change it into a one-piece door. If you can't change the door temporarily, you can place a group of five emperors at the threshold of the sub-men.  

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