Firefighting equipment maintenance system and regular inspection

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  1. Various types of fire-fighting equipment , fire-fighting facilities, and fire-fighting equipment in the port area are managed by special personnel and are responsible for inspection, repair, maintenance, replacement, and purchase. They are guaranteed to be sound and effective, and occupation, burial, and indiscriminate use are strictly prohibited.

2. Fire lanes and fire exits in warehouses, offices, workshops, etc. in the port area are strictly prohibited.

3. Regularly inspect fire-fighting pools, fire hydrants, and fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting facilities and keep them in perfect condition.

4. The port area shall be equipped with fire-fighting facilities and equipment in accordance with the national requirements for fire-fighting technical regulations.

5. Fire-fighting equipment should be placed in an obvious and easy-to-access place, with no accumulation of articles and debris around.

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