Qinghai's two high-industry expansion projects are no longer approved

Qinghai this year decided to continue to increase the elimination of backward production capacity, and decompose the task, implement the responsibility, set the time limit, and resolutely eliminate the backward production capacity of high-emission and high-energy-consuming industries such as electrolytic aluminum, ferroalloy, cement and silicon carbide.

Qinghai plans to eliminate 200,000 tons of backward production capacity steel, 50,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, 2.94 million tons of cement, 172,500 tons of ferroalloys, 50,000 tons of calcium carbide and silicon carbide. As of the end of June, the steel and electrolytic aluminum elimination tasks have been completed; there is still a big gap between cement, ferroalloy, calcium carbide and silicon carbide. At the end of June, the Provincial Economic Commission sent four special inspection teams to conduct a centralized inspection of the implementation of industrial economic targets in key areas, requiring all regions to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the backward production capacity of the territories included in the phase-out. For enterprises that have not been shut down as required, all regions shall be instructed to close according to the prescribed time limit, and those who have not closed shall cease to supply electricity. This year, we will no longer approve, approve, and file the “two highs” and overcapacity industries to expand capacity projects. At the same time, enterprises that fail to eliminate backward production capacity within the prescribed time limit will increase administrative punishment and revoke the sewage discharge permit.

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