Thickener 705200 for Textile Disperse Printing 705200

  • Model NO.: 705200
  • Environmental Protection: Yes
  • Kind: Textile Printing Auxiliary
  • Application: Textile Printing Auxiliary, Textile Chemical
  • Transport Package: 150kgs / Exporting Standard Plastic Drum
  • Origin: Weifang, China
  • Certification: REACH
  • Color: Light Yellow or Milk White
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Trademark: RG
  • Specification: Solid content: 40% min
Product Name Ionic Type Appearance Performance and main Application
thickener 705200
Anion  Milk white thick liquid As a dispersing dye printing agent, it has strong electrolyte resistance, easy desizing, high color yield, with few dosage.

Disperse dye printing thickener RG705200 is a new generation of high efficiency synthetic thickener which was researched and developed by our company. This thickener was widely used in disperse dye printing. It also has a certain advantage in direct printing. Its printing result achieved and better than similar products, can replace sodium alginate. It was easy operation and safety when using.
If use thickener 705200 replace sodium alginate, will make printing factory obtain remarkable economic and social benefits.
Major ingredient:synthetic high polymer
Physical and chemical index:
Appearance:light yellow sticky liquid
P H Value:6.5-7.5
Properties and Uses:
This product has a high cohesive force on water molecule, the thickening effect is good. Because of its anion, can help disperse dyes to fiber dyeing,
high dying ability. Paste is stability, even in Summer, paste preparation is also non-perishable storage, is an ideal alternative thickener to sodium algi
Major Advantage:
1. The economic benefits is remarkable, when used for disperse print, if instead of 1 ton of sodium alginate or imported similar products, while this  product only need 0.8~1 ton, cost delined about 1/3. Whatever compared with the natural paste or the simlilar products in domestic and abroad, this product is the most excellent and cost performance product.
2,Dyeing ability is high.Don't affect the dyes chromophore, color seems more bright. Printing viscosity has a wide range, suitable for different thickeness fabric, fine or rough different patterns, Good levelness on large area dyeing.
3,Convenient paste preparation. Proportional amount to the water, stired with high speed, just a few minutes for thickening, and can be adjustable according to paste viscosity freely. Prepared paste is stability, and stored in a covered container for 15 days will not layered and diluted.
4,Feels soft. Not affect the former printing process,non-clogging of screen, non- infiltration. 
5,No need to use with other thickeners any more.

150kg or 160kg per plastic drum. 

Our 705200 can also be applied in pigment printing, 
Welcome to contact me for more detailed informations.
Thickener 705200 for Textile Disperse Printing 705200Thickener 705200 for Textile Disperse Printing 705200Thickener 705200 for Textile Disperse Printing 705200

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