What are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud in the original diatom mud?

Diatom mud is a relatively new type of environmentally friendly wall decoration material. It has replaced latex paint and wallpaper. Because it has the advantage of environmental protection, it is said that it is also deeply loved by consumers in recent years. . Following small to tell you about the original leaf diatom mud diatom mud in the end is good and what advantages and disadvantages.

The original diatom mud is good

1, the original leaf diatom mud This product is the use of Changbai Mountain natural diatom mud, and still use the most advanced technology, with sophisticated technology, so that the products produced in all aspects can meet consumer demand. This product is also more powerful in its functionality, use it to remove formaldehyde, can also play a role in purifying the air. However, many consumers will feel that the price of raw diatom mud is too high when they choose, but they know that this product has a long service life, and it will not crack, decolorize or fade during use. A cost-effective product.

2, the original leaf diatom mud is relatively high for product requirements, so in the production process are in accordance with strict requirements, so that the purpose is to allow the use of the family can enjoy a healthy and comfortable living environment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud?

The advantages of diatom mud

1, diatom mud itself healthy and safe non-toxic harmless

The raw material of diatom mud is diatomite, which is a kind of natural marine mineral and relatively stable in nature. It is a natural and non-polluting product, so it also belongs to a Safe and healthy environmental protection wall material.

2, diatom mud has the function of adsorbing formaldehyde, purification odor, respiratory humidity, heat insulation, noise reduction and other environmental protection functions

Diatom mud can do very effective adsorption of formaldehyde and other odors, so use it also do not have to worry about the indoor formaldehyde problem, this is also proved by experts that it can achieve 24-hour long-term decomposing formaldehyde, so it is said to use It also greatly enhances the efficiency of purification and makes people feel more at ease when they live.

3, diatom mud can be fire retardant

The use of diatom mud is an inorganic material, and the ability of diatomite to withstand high temperatures above 1300°C, so this product not only does not burn, but it also releases toxic and harmful substances.

4, diatom mud color is soft, rich in patterns, timeless

Diatom mud is generally added with natural inorganic mineral pigments, so its color is not too bright, plus it is the kind of microporous structure, so that it can show the kind of soft color The most important thing is to protect the eyesight of the family and it is also particularly effective for children.

The disadvantage of diatom mud

1, diatom mud can not be scrubbed

In general, the surface marks like the footprints or brushes left by children can be erased with an eraser, but if it is coke or other colored liquids, then it will be difficult to remove. If this is the problem, Had to find a professional to repair it.

2, expensive, feel bad

The price of this product is relatively expensive. If you want to compare it, you can say that diatom mud can't be said to be expensive in terms of service life. You know that the average number of years of wallpaper use will be shorter. Diatom mud is not the same.

Summary: About the original leaf diatom mud diatom mud in the end is good and what are the advantages and disadvantages related content on the introduction to this, the original leaf diatom mud is a very good product, but it also has many unique advantages, it has been well received by the consumer Like it. I hope that the above introduction will help everyone.

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