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Abstract "The cover glass of Apple smart watch is produced by us. The sapphire mobile phone screen of a certain brand mobile phone in France is also produced by us..." Into Qinghai Castan Sapphire Crystal Co., Ltd., the company...
"The cover glass of Apple's smart watch is produced by us. The sapphire mobile phone screen of a French brand mobile phone is also produced by us..." Entering Qinghai Zhuma Sapphire Crystal Co., Ltd., the general manager of the company He Kangyu introduced everyone very surprised.
It is understood that sapphire crystals can be used for LED chip substrates, and are also important window materials for infrared military devices, satellite space technology, and high-intensity lasers. In recent years, combined with the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, touch and radiation protection of sapphire, sapphire crystals have been gradually promoted in the field of smart phone panels. At present, the lens cover and home button of the Apple mobile phone have been made using sapphire crystal.
“Sapphire crystals are used in a wide range of fields. The reason why they are not widely used now is mainly because the price is too high. Now, most companies in the industry can only produce sapphire ingots of less than 100 kilograms, and we can already produce 120 kilograms of sapphire. The ingot, the 120 kg sapphire crystal growth furnace with patented technology has also entered the mass production stage. The larger the size of the ingot, the higher the yield rate, and the larger the utilization space, the further the cost of the product can be reduced. In June, our second phase project will be put into trial production. 88 sets of 120 kg sapphire crystal growth furnace will make our sales revenue exceed 100 million yuan. In addition, this year we will focus on the development of 180 to 260 kg grade sapphire crystals. This will revolutionize the production of traditional sapphire crystals," He Kangyu said proudly.
Across the wall from Qinghai Castan Sapphire Crystal Co., Ltd. is Qinghai Jingjing Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. which has been successfully trial-produced on June 1 this year.
“We are focusing on building a sapphire production and processing base in Qinghai, which is the first company in the country to grow sapphire crystals by guided mode.” Yan Jun said that it is different from the pear-shaped sapphire ingot grown by the bubble method. The mold method can directly grow the special-shaped sapphire products such as flakes, tubes, rods, hemispheres, etc. according to the customer's needs, and obtain the finished products only by grinding and polishing. The traditional sapphire growth technique takes ten days to grow crystals, and the guided mold method takes only three days. Therefore, the guided mode method has the characteristics of short crystal growth cycle, low power consumption, automatic production process, high yield, and low cost. “Our project can produce 1.25 million sapphire wafers per year after production, and one wafer happens to be the size of two 5.5-inch sapphire mobile screens. We hope to boost and detonate smartphone sapphire through higher output rates and lower costs. The market for screens."

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