The bathroom is placed with a destructive feng shui injury.

The bathroom is very important in the home feng shui. Many people generally don't care too much. They feel that the bathroom is nothing remarkable. There is no work on decoration and design. However, the bathroom is closely related to our lives, so that its furnishings can be scientific and reasonable, because it marks the quality of life. People with tastes don't necessarily spend a lot of money on expensive bathroom equipment. They will pay attention to other things. For example, if the color is right, it will be very comfortable to watch. Those who may spend more money can't change it. Pay more attention to the rationality of the layout and the use of color, etc., can add a lot of color to your bathroom space.

The bathroom is in the center of the room

In terms of Yangzhai, the problems that the bathroom brings us are many. Modern washrooms are in the house, sometimes in the kitchen, or in the same room, separated by compartments. Avoid conflicts with bathroom equipment, avoid water tanks and faucets, and pay attention to door rushing. The following is a detailed introduction of the location of the restroom and the corresponding adverse effects:

Nowadays, many buildings are designed, for the so-called "reasonable layout", often the bathroom and kitchen are designed on both sides of the gate, or next to the door. Such a design will seriously affect the health of the occupants. If the toilet and the door are in the same orientation, it is easy for the occupants to have refractory diseases.

The bathroom is located in the east of the house

The effect of different orientations in the bathroom:

1. If the bathroom is in the center of the room, it is easy to cause heart disease.

2. The bathroom is located in the east of the house, which is easy to induce liver and bronchial diseases; as well as physical weakness and stroke.

3. Located in the southeast, it is easy to cause diseases such as esophagus, bronchus, nervous system and gastrointestinal.

Located in the south

4. If it is located in the south, it will cause diseases of the heart and liver, and it will cause infectious diseases.

5. In the southwest, it is easy to cause diseases such as gynecology, kidney, digestive system and peritonitis.

6. Located in the west of the house, it is easy to induce diseases in the oral cavity and respiratory system.

Filter Tube, also named as tube filter, is made of metal wire mesh and metal plate mesh. Those meshes are rolled into tube shape in different size by winding machine. According to the material, it can be classified into stainless steel tube filter, copper filter tube, black wire cloth tube filter, galvanized steel filter tubes, aluminum sheet filter tube and so on. According to the processing technology, it can be classified into woven mesh tube filter, Welded Mesh filter tubes, perforated sheet filter tube, expanded metal tube filter, etc. Among these products, stainless steel tube filter and black wire cloth tube filter is more popular than other types. And compared with the filter disc, it often has no metal flange. With accurate filtration rate, tube filter can filter a large variety of fluids and retain almost any size solids.


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Corrosion resistance

  High temperature resistance

        Outstanding dirt-holding capacity

        Accurate filtration precision

        Easy processing and installing

         Easy forming, painting, polishing, welding and cleaning

Firm structure and different holes patterns


Filter tube is widely used in petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, machine, medicine, automobile industries for distillation, absorption, evaporation and filtration processes, so as to eliminate the impurity and foam mixed in the gas and liquid.

    Filtration of air: air filters, vacuum filters, filtration of corrosive gases, cage ventilation, etc.

    Filtration of liquid: ceramics polluted water cleaning, beverage, disposal of sewage water, filtration of corrosive liquids, beer brewing filter, etc.

    Filtration of solid: glass, coal, food processing industry, cosmetics, fluidized beds, etc.

    Filtration of oil: oil refining, hydraulic oil, oilfield pipelines, etc.

    Filtration of other fields: textile industry, insulation industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, electronic field, etc.

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