How to decorate the bathroom more beautiful bathroom color matching

The bathroom is a very important construction area in the home improvement. Before the bathroom renovation, we must do some planning, so that we can avoid the trouble of seepage and blockage. Then let us analyze how the bathroom is renovated !

1, how to decorate the toilet sanitary ware planning

The sanitary ware position of the bathroom is skillful. Take the ordinary apartment type, the wash basin is placed at the entrance. If there is a bathtub, it is placed on the inner side of the wall. The toilet can be placed in the middle, and the layout is for the purpose of life. Bringing convenience, it is also possible to place sanitary ware based on personal habits. If you encounter a specific type of apartment and do not know how to plan, you can ask professional decoration staff to do some design, maximize the use of bathroom space. For the purchase of bath products here is a small proposal: buy a towel rack when the use of a single rod will be more practical, double towel hanging towel is a lot of disadvantages, such as health is a big problem.

2. How to decorate the bathroom materials

The bathroom is a bathing area, so the water vapor is very heavy. We must use waterproofing as the main material. In the interior room design should be safe and non-slip. Easy to clean, simple and beautiful. For the bathroom material selection, Xiao Bian has several suggestions: Bathroom walls and ceilings can be waterproof, corrosion-resistant, mold-resistant materials. Floor tiles are waterproof, non-slip, and easy to wash. There are more ceiling materials and the flat top uses aluminum buckle plates with light steel keels. If you want to have a personalized 穹-style art ceiling, you can use a soft waterproof board decorated with stained glass, there will be a very beautiful effect.

3, how to decorate the color of the bathroom

The bathroom should be mainly in cool tones, and be matched with similar colors or adjacent colors, such as blue tiles, light blue tiles, blue pattern washbasins and white toilets. This is a similar color matching method. It is also a Mediterranean style decoration. The color of the bathroom is created by the materials, accessories and lighting effects used. The color matching is very important for the bathroom, so in the color-insensitive partner, it is recommended that the conservative color matching can be However, it is not possible to highlight different colors with some weird colors. This may make the otherwise small bathroom seem more cramped.

4, how to use the bathroom space renovation

Most people's bathroom area is relatively small, how can we make the bathroom look neat and clean? Here we must make reasonable use of space, for example, we can place lockers at the corner of the bathroom, custom on the wall With a strong storage function of the wall cabinet, the overall look will not be so crowded. To believe that as long as we carefully decorate the bathroom, I believe we can all have a practical and beautiful bathroom.

How to decorate the bathroom , Xiao Bian shares here, I hope to help you. If you need to learn more about the decoration, building materials, home, you can pay attention to this site, more information waiting to share with you oh.

How to decorate the bathroom

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