What are the advantages of anti-mold coating anti-mold coating construction steps

Speaking of anti-mold paint, I believe we will not be unfamiliar, mainly based on silicone rubber, not only has a strong waterproof, but also has the role of sterilization and mildew. Widely used in wood, pedals, cement walls and other building materials mold. What are the advantages of mildew-proof coatings ? What are the anti-mold coating construction steps?

What are the advantages of anti-mold coating :

1. The mildew-proof coating has the dual functions of building decoration and anti-mildew, and has rich raw material resources and affordable prices. After brushing and filming, it will not have any harmful effects on the human body.

2. Anti-mildew coatings have high efficiency and long-term bactericidal and inhibitory functions against molds and yeasts. Compared with ordinary paints, anti-mildew paints add certain mold inhibitors during the production process.

3, anti-mildew paint can be used in the environment of easy mold growth, but also to keep the surface of the paint film mold for a long time.

4, anti-mold coating has a good decorative properties, regardless of which part of the building, can meet the construction requirements.

Anti-mold coating construction steps :

1. The anti-mildew paint must be cleaned before applying it, which is beneficial to the adhesion of the paint. When clearing the surface of the kiln, when the soil, oil, etc. must be removed. For some hardened or separated hull empty parts. All should be eradicated and then repaired with cement mortar. If the original industry has mildew on the wall, the dirt is recommended to use a blade to remove, and then wipe with 5% alkaline water, and finally rinse with water on it, the base surface to be fully dry, flat, clean and appropriate.

2. In order to ensure the flatness of the entire wall, it is recommended to use a ruler to repair large walls until straight.

3, after the base surface treatment, will stir the putty put on the pallets, first on the next, it is best to scrape three times, putty use anti-cracking flexible water resistant type better. After the putty is dry, sandpaper can be used to polish it. When polishing, pay attention to the strength and do not appear wavy. After polishing, sweep away the dust on the wall again.

4, next you can brush anti-mold primer, and mix the primer with a roller brush evenly again. Do not brush when brushing, brush too thick and so on. After the paint is dry, it can be partially filled with putty and sand, and then the primer is applied again.

5, until the first time after brushing anti-mold paint finish, you can carry out the second brushing, the second brushing with the same as the first, to do even, can not have a leak brush and so on .

Conclusion: The above is for everyone to introduce what are the advantages of anti-mold coating and anti-mold coating construction process related content, hoping to help needy friends. If you need to learn more about the later stage, please pay attention to the information on this site.

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