How to choose welder protective gloves?

How to choose welder protective gloves?

The welder's protective gloves protect the hands and wrists from molten metal droplets, short-term contact with limited flames, heat radiation, heat conduction and arc ultraviolet radiation, and mechanical damage, and their materials are resistant to up to 100V (DC) ) The minimum resistance of the arc welding protective gloves. Products should comply with the provisions of AQ 6103-2007.

First, the material requirements:

1, welders protective gloves are generally made from natural leather and a variety of inner.

Outer layer: natural leather such as bovine second layer skin, cow head skin, pigskin, sheepskin, etc.

Inner layer: thick inner, cotton inner, cotton inner, denim inner and so on.

2. The first grade leather body is uniform in thickness, plump, soft and elastic, and the leather is fine, uniform, firm, and consistent in color and shade. No greasy feeling; lack of full elasticity of the second grade leather body, rough leather surface, a slight shade of color.

3, leather and canvas thickness should meet the requirements.

4, the mechanical properties should meet the requirements. The palm of the hand and the back of the hand should be soft, strong and uniform in thickness. Leather for sleeves should be slightly elastic.

5, chemical properties should meet the requirements.

6. No metal parts are used between the outside of the glove and the inner material to prevent conduction.

Second, classification

Welder protective gloves are divided into two types according to their performance.

Class A: Low flexibility (higher performance)

Class B: High flexibility (with lower performance)

Third, the size

The minimum length of welder's protective gloves should comply with the following table:

How to choose welder protective gloves?

Fourth, technical requirements

1. Structure:

The welder's gloved hands and the back of the hand should be lined with clip strips. Clips are to be made of chrome leather or pigskin. Skins and reinforcements should be made of the same leather as the palm and back of the hand. The width of the reinforced liner is 15mm or more;

2, needle code open line per cm 3 ~ 4 needles; dark lines per cm 4 ~ 5 needles;

3, sewing: hand-type to be positive, suture straight straight, uniform stitch length, elastic moderate. If there is a broken needle, a continuous needle drop or a jump stitch, the needle should be doubled or the defective stitches must be removed to re-sewn.

4, protective performance

The minimum protection performance should comply with the following table:

How to choose welder protective gloves?

V. Signs, packaging, transportation and storage requirements:

1. Durable product mark should be near the hand sleeve mouth.

2. Welders' gloves should be put into paper bags or plastic bags as a unit. Each bag should be accompanied by a product certificate. Then put the paper bag or plastic bag into the hard packaging box, and each box should be accompanied by the product instructions.

3, the packing box should be clean, firm, dry, suitable for long-distance transportation. Must not have mildew, oil traces.

4. The transport and storage of welders' gloves shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of GB4694.

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