Feng Shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan buy what should pay attention to

Now that house prices are getting higher and higher, for a working-class family, buying a house is a matter of staying for decades or even a lifetime, so buying a house is a very important thing in life. To buy a good house, you must pay attention to the house. Feng Shui problem. Here's just a look at the top ten taboos of feng shui buildings together with Xiaobian, and what aspects should be paid attention to when buying a house.

First, the feng shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan

Ten taboos of feng shui buildings

The owner must know before the purchase of a house whether the house is a haunted house. The so-called haunted house means that someone has committed suicide or been killed here. We can determine if there are no people burning paper money in the neighborhood. If it is a good location, you can't do it.

Feng Shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan

A lot of people may not understand what the meaning of hernia is. In fact, the meaning of being heavy means that the room is under direct fire or directly reflected by the glass wall of the building opposite. The house in this position is not auspicious, it will make the family's human relations become, the work is not smooth.

Feng Shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan 3, air heavy

The so-called "heavy air" means that the main entrance of the house faces the street, or that there is an obstruction at the entrance. A rushing house will affect the family’s future, and business will often fail to develop smoothly.

Feng Shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan 4, yin weight

The meaning of yin and qi means that the house is too yin. This kind of house has poor lighting and can't find the sun. People living in this kind of house are prone to conditions, and they are easily caught in business.

Feng Shui building ten taboos picture Daquan 5, pressure heavy

If your house is relatively low and there are high-rise buildings around, the pressure on such a house is very heavy. In such a house, the family's personal relationships and business will be hindered.

Feng Shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan 6, Xin Qi weight

The factory sewage outlets, or the houses around the garbage dumps are all rugged. The environment of this kind of house is very bad. Living in a house with long-lived heavy air will affect the family's health and relationships.

Feng Shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan 7, pulse off

Breaking the pulse means saying that the house is at the end of the house. There is no way to go behind it. People living in such a house are easily isolated at work and affect the development of the business.

Feng Shui building ten taboo pictures Daquan 8, the fall of the foundation

The fall of the foundation means the house in a low-lying state. The surrounding environment is higher than the house. Living in such a house will affect the family's wealth.

Ten taboos of feng shui buildings pictures Daquan 9, Tian Luo Di network

In the feng shui Tian Luo Di net means that there is a high-voltage line above the house. Staying in such a house not only has security risks, but also affects the family’s business and family relationships will also have an impact.

Ten taboo pictures of feng shui buildings 10, Zhong Gong suffered

The most central position of the house is Zhonggong. The meaning of Zhonggong’s creation means that the stairs of the early or middle palace were made or the bathroom. The bathroom was a dirty place, and the stairs were places where people would come and go, if the house was damaged. It will affect the health of the family.

Second, what should pay attention to buying a house

1, the seat of the house

When buying a house, the most important thing is that the house must be sunny. Most people now live in suites. Many people think that the door to the house is sunny, but the fact is that the house is sitting to see the entrance of the stairs. .

2, good surrounding environment

Buying a house is a big event in life. Before you buy a house, you must first observe the surrounding environment, you must not buy a house in a place where you have a suffocate place, and the house's yang must be sufficient.

3, the house avoid straight

Now the layout of many houses is already done. When buying, we must pay attention to the fact that we cannot buy the door facing the balcony, or the front door and the back door are in the same line. These are unlucky and unfavorable to the family.

4, the color should be bright

When you buy a house, you must buy a brighter, brighter look. If the colors are too cluttered or dark, it is not good.

Editor's summary: The above is a compilation of ten taboos on feng shui buildings for you to share with you, and what information you should pay attention to when buying a house. I hope to help you. If you want to learn more about decoration, you can follow this site.

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