Rubber cable definition and product description

The rubber cable is a kind of soft and movable cable which is made up of multiple strands of thin copper wire as conductor, and is surrounded by rubber insulation and rubber sheath. Generally speaking, it includes general rubber flexible cable, electric welder cable, submersible motor cable, radio cable and photographic light cable.

Rubber cable is widely used in various electrical equipment, such as mobile power cords for household appliances, electric machinery, electrical equipment and appliances, and can be used indoors or outdoors. According to the mechanical external force of the cable, the product structure is divided into three types: light, medium and heavy, and there is also a proper connection in the cross section. Generally, light rubber cable is used in household appliances and small electric equipment. It requires softness, light weight and good bending performance. Medium rubber cable is widely used in agricultural electrification except for industrial use. Heavy-duty cables are used in port machinery, searchlights, etc. Large-scale hydraulic irrigation and drainage stations in the home industry. These products have good versatility, complete series specifications, good performance and stability.

Waterproof rubber cable and submersible pump cable, mainly used for submersible motor model JHS, JHSB

Cables for radio equipment, currently mainly producing two kinds of rubber cables (one type of shielding, one type of non-shielding) can basically meet the requirements. Model is WYHD, WYHDP

Photographic cable products, in line with the development of new light sources, have a small structure, good performance, and meet the needs of indoor and field work, and gradually replace some old products with heavy weight and poor heat resistance.

Rubber cable is divided into heavy rubber flexible cable (YC cable, YCW cable), medium rubber flexible cable (YZ cable, YZW cable), light rubber flexible cable (YQ cable, YQW cable), waterproof rubber sheathed flexible cable ( JHS cable, JHSB cable), welder cable (YH cable, YHF cable) YHD cable is a tin-plated power cable for field use.

Welding machine cable product description model is YH, YHF

This product is suitable for the secondary side wiring and connecting welding tongs for the ground voltage exchange not exceeding 200V and the pulsating DC peak 400V welding machine. It is a special cable suitable for the secondary side wiring of electric welding machine and connecting electric welding tongs. The rated voltage AC does not exceed 200V and the pulsating DC peak is 400V. The structure is a single wire core, which is made by multiple stranding of soft wires. The outer surface of the conductive core is wrapped with a heat-resistant polyester film insulating tape, and the outermost layer is made of an insulating and sheath made of rubber as a protective layer.

Waterproof rubber sheathed flexible cable product description JHS JHSP

JHS waterproof rubber cable is used for transmitting electric energy on submersible motors with AC voltage of 500V or less. It has good electrical insulation properties under long-term water immersion and large water pressure. The waterproof rubber cable has good bending performance and can withstand frequent movements.

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