What are the characteristics of American style? How to create a low-price American-style home

Now that people's lives are good, the requirements for interior decoration are also rising. In many decorative styles, American style is favored by the middle class. What are the characteristics of American style? How to create a low-cost American style home? The following Xiaobian pay attention to these issues and everyone to share and give everyone a reference!

What are the characteristics of American style?

The picture shows a typical American style hall. This type of style pursues simplicity and brilliancy in decoration. The hall is brighter than other spaces in the home. Generally, a large number of stone and wood finishes are used for decoration; Americans like to have a sense of history. This is not only reflected in the love of antique works of art on soft furnishings, but also reflected in the renovation of the various antique wall tiles, stone preferences and the pursuit of a variety of distressed technology. In general, the American-styled living room is spacious and historic.

What are the two characteristics of American style?

Let us take a look at this style of bedroom, the bedroom is the owner of the most intimate place, so everyone in the decoration of this space should be functional and practical as a starting point, the general bedroom does not set the ceiling light, more warm and soft set of cloth To decorate, but at the same time in the soft wear and use very uniform. Modern American multi-purpose non-glare lighting, and try to see only the light does not see the effect of lights.

What are the three American style features?

There is a big difference between the American cooking room and the Chinese cooking room. The Chinese style cooking room generally adopts a closed design. This is determined by the Chinese cooking style. The American kitchen often adopts open-style decoration when it is renovated. At the same time, it needs to have a small table for a light meal in the kitchen. It must also have powerful and simple and durable kitchen equipment, such as the residue grinder under the sink, and the oven. Need to have a spacious position to accommodate a double door refrigerator and enough countertops. There is also a lot of emphasis on the decoration, such as the wall tiles like the antique surface, the kitchen cabinet door like to use solid wood door leaf or white molded door panel imitation wood grain color. In addition, the window of the kitchen also likes to arrange curtains.

What are the four characteristics of American style?

This type of style has a relatively high material requirement for furniture. It generally uses cherry wood, maple, and pine wood. Among them, cherry wood is a precious wood that takes several decades or even hundreds of years to be made. Maple wood also has to be 40. Year of production. These well-chosen materials have established a good foundation for the further styling of the furniture. The surface of the furniture has been meticulously painted and sculpted, showing a unique American-style home character.

How to create a low-cost American style residence

This style always brings people a natural, low-luxury feeling. Everyone should ask the professional to design the house well before decorating, and then install the American style to decorate each indoor space one by one. Of course, everyone can also look at the relevant decoration cases before decorating in order to find decorative inspiration.

The above is the relevant to Xiaobian about the characteristics of American style and how to create a low extravagant American style home. Let's give you a reference! If you have more related questions, welcome to continue to pay attention to Qijia Information. We will provide more exciting content for you later.

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