Henan Gongyi City Safety Supervision Bureau: Strengthening the Construction of Law Enforcement Capability

In order to adapt to the ever-evolving safety production supervision situation, strengthen the safety supervision and law enforcement capabilities, and promote the stability of the city's safety production through law enforcement, the Henan Province Gongyi City Safety Supervision Bureau has taken multiple measures to strengthen the building of law enforcement capabilities.

The first is to strengthen the supervision of law enforcement officers. Combining the current mass line education practice activities, the Gongyi City Safety Supervision Bureau uses every Tuesday to concentrate on learning time, and has concentrated on learning the party's mass line and relevant business knowledge on many occasions. Through learning, it has further improved the political and theoretical qualities of all cadres and workers. Business knowledge level.

The second is to seriously formulate the annual law enforcement supervision plan. At the beginning of the year, the Safety Production Supervision and Law Enforcement Brigade of Gongyi City, based on the status of the Municipal Work Safety Supervision Bureau and the status of supervision and law enforcement forces, combined with the actual work of safety production in Gongyi City, took the lead in formulating the 2014 Safety Production Supervision and Enforcement Plan and reported it to the Municipal Safety Committee for approval. The plan focuses on law enforcement inspections in industries such as non-coal mines, hazardous chemicals, fireworks, and occupational hazards in the workplace, and specifies the monitoring priorities of each department (squadron).

The third is to improve and refine the files of law enforcement monitoring documents. All law enforcement departments and squadrons are required to record relevant information in a timely manner in the process of law enforcement inspection so that they can be documented in the future; the law-enforcement documents should be filled out in a standardized manner so that the language is smooth, the words are accurate, and the rules are clear; The “three violations” found during the inspection can be stopped in a timely manner so as to prevent them from becoming dubious. The law enforcement records, documents, case files and other data should be stored in a classified manner to achieve standardized management.

Fourth, efforts are being made to improve safety law enforcement and inspection equipment. The Gongyi City Safety Supervision Bureau strives to improve the law enforcement and supervision equipment and ensure the smooth implementation of safety law enforcement supervision. The first is the use of supporting funds, the distribution of laptops, portable printers, helmets, protective clothing, flashlights, gas detectors and other law enforcement equipment; followed by the application for the government to update the eight law enforcement surveillance vehicles.

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