Knowledge of building materials: characteristics of architectural membrane structures and quality of membrane materials

As the times change, things around us are constantly evolving, computers are getting smaller and smaller, mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent, and television is getting bigger and bigger because of consumers’ Demand is constantly changing. Today, more and more glass buildings, glass doors and windows are almost every household, so a product came into being, architectural film, which is a kind of glass film, it can improve the various properties of glass. For the layman in the construction industry, the architectural membrane structure may be a very difficult thing to understand. In fact, maybe after you finish reading this article, after you finish the picture, you will have a new understanding of the architectural membrane structure . What's more interesting is that The design of the architectural membrane structure exists in our hands!

Architectural film introduction

The architectural film is a multi-layer PET (polyester) film, which has excellent clarity, excellent strength and durability by using vacuum multilayer metal plating technology, ion technology, and film physics and fine chemical technology. , As well as extremely high thermal insulation efficiency, impact resistance, or decorative performance, it is widely used in the field of building energy conservation, construction safety and architectural decoration by adhering to glass and other material surfaces. It is a high-tech building material.

Architectural membrane structure

The architectural membrane structure is precisely a kind of curved surface. It is a kind of flexible thin film material with high strength. Many of the “green canopy” designs that we often see use the architectural membrane structure. This structure can withstand a certain degree of Pressure is a very fashionable and classic spatial structure in the present. Its shape is characterized by its strong freedom and careful design can have a certain sense of power. The production is also very simple, the installation is quicker than other building structures, and the user is also very safe to use.

Architectural film structure characteristics

The most important feature of an architectural membrane structure is its weight. Since the structure of a membrane structure is generally a tension structure, its own weight is relatively small. It generally depends on the shape of prestressed structures to maintain the structural stability. Architects can rely on this. Design some organizational structures to make them light and stable. In addition to its lightweight properties, the architectural membrane structure has a unique feature that is light transmissivity. When you hear this, many people may say that light transmission is not an excellent feature, but for modern membrane structures, light transmission is an incomparable advantage of membranes because light transmission Sexual characteristics, the brightness of the building can be provided by the external sunlight and natural light, from this point of view, the concept of architectural membrane structure and energy efficiency of buildings coincide, this is with some commercial applications that require more light and high brightness For agreement.

Membrane quality of architectural membrane structure

First of all, we all know that the tensioned membrane structure of a building is not a rigid material. Under the premise of wind load and snow load, the membrane structure can use its own deformation to adapt to changes in the outside world. This flexibility-adapted nature can maximally stimulate People's architectural inspiration.


Architectural film brand

1, Aurora Explosion-proof membrane (the industry's first brand), AURORA (translation of the Northern Lights) high thermal insulation and explosion-proof solar film products are from the CPFILM company's high heat insulation series. This series of products is the world's only vacuum magnetron sputtering metal process that can produce high thermal insulation and explosion-proof color film. Its outstanding product characteristics are as follows: 1. AURORA series products can guarantee more than 8 years of quality, do not fade, scratch Injury; 2. The high heat insulation performance of AURORA products highlights that the average insulation rate of the side window films is over 75% (field test can be used to obtain data); 3. The explosion-proof performance of the AURORA series shows that the window glass is cracked. The metal components contained in the film exert the original ductility of the metal, and the broken glass fragments are absorbed and drawn into a net shape to prevent the danger of splashing.

2. The Johnson & Johnson (J&J) company is an advocate and an important member of the World Film Association. Since the 1950s, it has been dedicated to the development of ultra-safety, ultra-designed glass films. The annual production has grown at an alarming rate of 50%. The quality of products has always been a world leader. The world-famous American Johnson Glass Film was officially introduced into China by the National Building Materials Bureau in 1997. With its extraordinary quality, it quickly won a wide range of users. It has established the image of a world-renowned brand. Its sales volume has increased dramatically year after year. "Always ahead."

3, the federal, the federal company is A&BfilmspteLtd's high-end insulation film brand, adhering to A & B's leading technology and successful management experience, has gradually become the world's leading brand of insulation film industry.

4, Ray-Ban Xintai trading company, first introduced the famous Japanese brand (FSK anti-blasting super insulation paper), the United States imported (Raybon explosion-proof insulation paper), sold in the market, remove no-name or brand-name sales , And pioneered the pioneering service of automotive insulation paper sales guarantee.

Construction film construction price

The construction film construction price is about 6,000 yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


Architectural film quality identification method

1, hand touch. The high-quality film feels thick and smooth, and the inferior film is very soft and thin, lacks sufficient toughness, and is easy to wrinkle.

2, nose smell. Inferior membranes usually use pressure-sensitive adhesives, which contain a large amount of benzaldehyde molecules that evaporate under sunlight to produce pungent odors. The high-quality film has a faint fragrance.

3, seeing. The high-definition explosion-proof film has high definition, and regardless of the color depth, the see-through performance is good, and the poor quality film has uneven color.

4, quality assurance card. Only the manufacturer's warranty card is reliable, and the manufacturer's warranty card usually includes the warranty item, the number of years, the payment method, and the name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer.

5, rub with alcohol, gasoline, asphalt cleaners and other chemical reagents. Because the inferior film is only dyed by the adhesive layer, or only the adhesive layer is coated with an ultraviolet ray-removing agent, after the protective layer of the film is removed and the adhesive layer is wiped, the discoloration phenomenon can be seen, or the instrument can be used to test and it can be found that the ultraviolet ray is greatly reduced.

6, technical parameters. Visible light transmittance, heat insulation rate, and UV-blocking ratio are common terms used by manufacturers to reflect film properties. The relationship between the three is usually: the more transparent the film, the lower the heat insulation; the more reflective film, the heat insulation The higher. Consumers can use storefront measurements to see if they are close to the nominal technical parameters.

7, anti-scratch. When the high-quality film is normally lifted or lowered, the surface of the film will not be scratched, blistering, and hairfolded, while the inferior automobile film has obvious defects in this respect.

8. Whether the packaging and information of the product sold has the detailed product model, address, telephone number, website address, and bar code of the original manufacturer. In addition, whether or not to use the original uniform promotional logo, authorized dealers can use all the original propaganda logo, otherwise they will be held responsible for tort; also depends on whether there is a valid license for authorization.

Architectural film maintenance

1. Do not move the glass within 3 days after the window film is installed.

Second, in the window film installation within 15 days, do not wipe the glass with water.

Third, in the film glass can not be sucker hanging or use adhesives to fix any items, do not paste stickers on the window film decorations.

4. Lightly and evenly spray the surface of the window film with an ammonia-free cleaning agent, and then gently wipe the glass with a clean, soft cotton cloth or a soft paper towel. The cotton cloth and paper towels often need to be wrung out and contained on a cotton cloth/paper towel. Pure rubbing alcohol will quickly dissolve huge stains and fatty fingerprints. If the stain is not washed, re-spray the cleaning solution, wipe the window film horizontally from top to bottom with a soft rubber wiper wipe until dry, and then wipe the edge of the glass film with a towel.

5. When using adhesive tapes, sticky notes or decals on the window film, remove any glue or viscose left over from these materials. Use a soft, clean cotton cloth to dip the acetone (nail polish remover) gently. In the contaminated area, the viscose that remains on the glass film can be quickly and completely removed. A small amount of acetone will not damage the film of the vinegar, but it can immediately dissolve and completely evaporate the viscose and most of the paint.

6. Do not use hard rub plates, brushes, sand-containing wipes to clean the glass film.

Editor's summary: More and more people are now using architectural membranes instead of curtains because the two are comparable. The architectural film is still better than the curtains. He can make the glass have the properties of heat preservation, sun protection, UV protection, lighting, and aesthetics. Not only that, it is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it can reduce the high electricity bills brought by home air-conditioning heating fans. Of course, it can also protect privacy. It can't be seen outside and inside can be seen outside.

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