Use and maintenance of heat exchange equipment

First, the daily maintenance of the heat exchanger

Daily operation should pay special attention to prevent fluctuations in temperature and pressure. First, ensure that the pressure is stable and never allow overpressure operation.

Second, the heat exchanger cleaning

After long-term operation of the heat exchange equipment, due to corrosion, erosion, fouling, coking, etc. of the medium, the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe have different degrees of scale and even blockage. Therefore, thorough cleaning must be carried out during maintenance and repair. Common cleaning (sweeping) methods include wind sweeping, water washing, steam sweeping, chemical washing and mechanical cleaning.

However, this traditional cleaning method such as mechanical methods (scraping, brushing), high-pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling), etc., has many problems when cleaning the equipment: it is impossible to completely remove deposits such as scale, and the acid solution causes corrosion of the equipment. Vulnerabilities, residual acid cause secondary or scale corrosion on the material, which eventually leads to the replacement of equipment. In addition, the cleaning waste liquid is toxic and requires a large amount of funds for wastewater treatment. However, the use of high-efficiency, environmentally friendly, safe, non-corrosive, biodegradable Fushitek environmental cleaning agent not only has good cleaning effect but also no corrosion to the equipment, which can ensure the long-term use of the condenser.

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