Open balcony VS closed balcony, which is better?

Many people went to the balcony to decorate that step, and there is no way to decide whether or not to seal the balcony in the end. Listen to me, don’t get entangled, and listen to Xiaobian’s analysis of the pros and cons of each. Advantages and disadvantages of enclosed balconies : 1. Covering dust, sound insulation, and good thermal performance. After the balcony is closed, there is a layer of windows that block dust and noise, which helps to block the invasion of wind, sand, dust, rain, and noise. The room is cleaner and quieter. After the balcony is closed, it can also play a role in blocking the wind and keeping warm. 2, conducive to expand the practical area of ​​the bedroom, closed after the balcony can be used to write books, fitness exercises, storage of goods space, can also be used as living space, equal to the expansion of the bedroom or living room area, an increase of indoor space. 3, increase security, sealing the balcony, the house has an additional layer of protection, can play a role in security.
Cons: 1, affect the lighting, ventilation. Indoor heat is not easy to dissipate in the summer, causing stifling heat; indoor air is not easy to circulate in winter, causing air quality to decline. 2. Make the house isolated from the outside world. 3, increase security risks. After the balcony is closed, in the event of a fire or other accident, the balcony will be lost as a safe passage for escape.
Closed balcony display Advantages and disadvantages of enclosed balconies : 1. The lighting is good, and the open balcony is conducive to direct light into the room, and the lighting is good. 2, good air circulation, reduce indoor bacteria density. 3. Get closer to nature, enjoy the sun, breathe fresh air, look far away, enjoy the cool and even cultivate flowers and grow grass. 4. After an accident, it is a good lifesaving passage. Of course, the premise is not to live at high levels
Disadvantages: 1. Safety problems: As the open balcony does not have a high protective net or other equipment, if a child is naughty at home, it is easy to fall down and cause safety hazards. At the same time, the open balcony has no anti-theft windows, and it is easy to become the first choice for a thief to break into a room. 2, life is not convenient: especially in the sun drying clothes quilts and other aspects, the open balcony is easily exposed to sudden heavy rain, dust and other clothes make it dirty, messy, soaked, even blown away, therefore, is not conducive to modern Family life.
Open balcony display The pros and cons of open or closed balconies have been listed. In the end, the key to finding an open or closed balcony depends on personal preferences and needs.

Open balcony closed balcony

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