PVC ceiling installation graphic PVC buckle plate ceiling advantages and disadvantages

The PVC ceiling is made of PVC, which is light weight, easy to install, waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-smashing. It is used more and more widely in home living rooms. Although much more pvc ceiling, but many people still do not know the pvc ceiling installation steps. Today Xiao Bian came to answer everyone about the advantages and disadvantages of pvc ceiling installation and PVC ceilings.

First, pvc ceiling installation steps

★ pvc ceiling installation steps are divided into: bombs, installation of main beams, installation of wooden keel, panel installation.

1, the line

First, the elevation line should be popped up around the wall, and the cement lines are used to fix the pressure lines at both ends of the wall. According to the standard height, the bullet line is popped around the wall. As the standard line for the ceiling installation, an error of 5mm can be allowed.

2, install the main beam

Secure the side keel with cement nails along the elevation line, determine the keel position line, and install the keel. (It should be noted that generally for small kitchens or bathrooms, the keel may not be installed, and the keel may be laid in the middle of the ceiling.) When installing the keel, care should be taken to leave the outlet of the lighting line.

3, install wooden keel

When installing the keel, it is necessary to maintain the level of the keel around the wall. In the case of ceiling spacing problems, in general, no ceilings are 1200 to 1500mm, and ceilings are 900mm to 1200mm.

4, panel installation

Before the panel is installed, check the installed keel, panel, and plate, and then install it after meeting the requirements. The installation direction of the pvc buckle board is determined according to the length of the board. If the horizontal and vertical materials are similar, the board is installed in the direction of the light.

Second, PVC buckle board ceiling advantages

PVC ceiling is mainly buckle material, let's take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

1, light waterproof and acid and alkali

The PVC buckle board ceiling is not only light weight, waterproof and moistureproof, but also has the characteristics of strong resistance to acid and alkali. It is an ideal material for ceiling installation in kitchens and bathrooms. General PVC buckle plate ceiling is also the main selection of kitchen and toilet ceiling.

2, affordable

PVC ceiling ceiling material is more common, and its price is much lower than other ceilings such as plasterboard ceilings and mineral wool ceilings. It is a relatively popular decoration material.

3, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Many people are concerned that PVC materials are odorous and toxic. In fact, the PVC ceilings of large brands are completely non-toxic and odorless. They have no stimulative effect on human skin or respiratory system. For those who are allergic to wood and paint, PVC ceiling is very suitable for use in the kitchen or bedroom.

4, easy to install and remove

The PVC ceiling board ceiling profile is easy to install and it is very convenient if damage occurs. As long as one end of the bead is removed, the board is pulled out from the bead piece by piece, the damaged board is replaced with a new board, and then the pressure plate is reinstalled. However, during the replacement, the color difference of the PVC ceiling material should be minimized.

5, does not vacuum, easy to clean, can be painted

The PVC ceiling profile of the ceiling board also has the feature of non-dust collection, which is more convenient and convenient for cleaning, and can also be painted.

Third, pvc buckle board ceiling defects

1, unstable performance

The common disadvantage of plastic materials is that the physical properties are not stable enough, so the key problem is that even if PVC does not meet water, it will be deformed after a long time.

2, fast aging

Aging speed, easy to change color, short service life, usually 3-5 years seems to be a long time.

3, difficult to dispose of

Low environmental protection, waste pvc plate is difficult to deal with, causing environmental pollution, if the pvc buckle with a strong pungent odor, it is harmful to the body.

4, poor high temperature resistance

The high temperature resistance is not good, and it is easily deformed in a hot environment. Compared with metal ceiling panels, the service life is relatively short.

Xiao Bian concludes: On the pvc ceiling installation diagrams, steps and the advantages and disadvantages of the PVC buckle ceiling is introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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