Figure says hidden dangers (79)

1. The top of the simple shelf used for climbing is not fenced, not firm.
2. The job does not have a fence. The tool is easy to fall at high altitude, causing injury.
3. The wires are not provided with protective tubes or overhead, and should not be wrapped around the iron pipes.
4. The cylinder is inverted, no anti-vibration ring, not fixed upright.
5. No fire equipment was seen at the scene.
6. The ladder is not a safe color.
7. The pipeline has no material flow direction identification.
8. The working area is not delineated, and the stacking of items should be divided into sections and stacked.

Roller Tool Cabinets refer to those tool storage cabinets with drawers and wheels. They are ranging from professional styles, economic styles to DIY styles. 

Roller Tool Cabinets

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