Little yellow car unlocked how to do OFO shared bike unlocking error solution

How to do if the yellow car fails to unlock? What should I do if the OFO shared bike cannot be unlocked? OFO Xiao Huang car is currently a shared bicycle brand with high coverage in major cities. In many streets and streets, OFO's small yellow car can be seen. The current version of the small yellow car lock adopts a mechanical code lock, so the experience is not as good as that of other brands. However, the advantage is that the success rate of unlocking is high, and some users still encounter the situation that the yellow yellow car fails to be unlocked in daily use. uKj smart lock China

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OFO yellow car correct unlocking techniques and method steps

First of all, you need to download the OFO Xiao Huang car mobile APP, which is the OFO shared bicycle APP, it is recommended to download the latest version. uKj smart lock China

Then, after successfully registering your account, find the available Xiao Huang car (note that the current Xiao Huang car does not support GPS positioning and can not make an appointment), click on “Use Car Now”, enter the license plate number, and then obtain the password after confirmation. uKj smart lock China

After getting the password, enter the correct password on the password lock. If you make a mistake, press the reset key to enter it again until the unlock operation is completed. uKj smart lock China

After the end of cycling, the bicycle will be automatically locked, without having to open the APP to end the operation. The system will automatically deduct the deposit (99 yuan per deposit, 1 yuan per hour). uKj smart lock China

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OFO yellow car unlock failure error solution

The car lock of OFO Yellow Car is not a smart lock. The current version is an ordinary mechanical lock, and you need to manually enter the password. uKj smart lock China

Unaligned passwords may not be unlocked. There is a gap between mechanical locks. If the passwords are not aligned, the unlocking may be affected. You can try the turntable gently. uKj smart lock China

When the parking lock is pressed by other bicycles, the spring cannot be ejected. If the lock is not successful, the vehicle can be removed. uKj smart lock China

Cold weather and other adverse weather, mechanical lock internal ice, the lock cylinder can not function properly, it is recommended to try hard to unlock. uKj smart lock China

If the license plate number is incorrectly entered or the password is not correctly entered, the situation is very common. Carefully check that the input is correct. uKj smart lock China

In case of failure, the vehicle cannot be used. Click on the fault report within 70 seconds to replace other available vehicles. uKj smart lock China

The above is the smart lock Chinese network Xiaobian finishing released OFO yellow car unlock unsuccessful solution, more car lock knowledge skills, please pay attention to the relevant content of the site! uKj smart lock China

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