[Real-time] The 14th China Businesswear Summit (4)

On December 23, the 14th China Businesswear Entrepreneur Summit hosted by China Association of Professional Wear Industry was held in Jingyan County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province. In this meeting, Zhejiang Lantianhai Textile & Apparel Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Netsun Baobao (002095.SZ) to formally launch the “ Blue Xiang Functional Fabric Online Trading Platform ” . This move promoted the online sales strategy of enterprises, and took the opportunity to promote the strategy of sales online financialization. The transfer of traditional industries from offline transactions to online transactions has improved transaction efficiency and transaction security while reducing transaction costs. The platform also provides customers with a convenient credit financing loan business, no need for asset guarantees, daily interest rate, daily interest rate is only 2.06 per thousand, annual interest rate is only 7.5%, with the use of loan, with subsequent repayment.

At the beginning of 2015, the country formulated the "Internet +" action plan, which became the main force of China's social innovation and development and an important engine for economic development, marking the official use of the Internet in its national strategic development plan. The meeting was specially invited by Mr. Qiu Liming, the director of Zhejiang Netsun Business Bao Co., Ltd., to analyze how the traditional industry implements the “Internet+” market, online trading and supply chain finance for the majority of companies, and “the functional fabric of Lanxiang”. "Online trading platform" conducted a live demonstration. At the meeting, Chou Qiong explained to the delegates how the traditional enterprises implemented Internet + and supply chain finance, ie, how to use the Internet + tool to protect old customers, expand new customers, and how to effectively use Internet + tools to solve financing difficulties. Financing expensive and how to achieve industrial + capital two-wheel drive. Through the "Blue Xiang functional fabric online trading platform" for enterprises to provide the perfect solution for the Internet + supply chain finance.

Onlineization and financialization are not only important strategies for the national thirteenth five-year development strategy, but also an important strategy for China to make 2025. Blue Sky will lead more enterprises in the industry to actively embrace the “Internet+” and achieve online and financialization as soon as possible.

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