Trump trade team formation: hawks or hidden pro-China

Abstract With the election of US President-elect Trump to nominate Robert Lighthizer as the US trade representative, the last piece of the puzzle missing from the US economic and trade team is complete. From the outside world, by Letter Heze, the US Secretary of Commerce for Business...
With the US President-elect Trump nominating Robert Lighthizer as the US trade representative, the last piece of the puzzle missing from the US economic and trade team is complete. From the outside world, the "iron triangle" composed of Wright Heze, the US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, and the White House National Trade Commission Chairman Peter Navarro represent Trump's dialogue in the future. The tough attitude of trade affairs.
However, is it a hawkish gathering, or is there another mystery? Trump has repeatedly stated that in his trade team, the decision of trade affairs will revolve around Ross, the king of bankruptcy and restructuring, and there are signs that Ross was still in until September 2016 before joining the Trump team. The pro-China faction: He praised China’s five-year plan for its vision and cooperation with Chinese companies and participated in the reconstruction of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Even during the election campaign, it also plagued the prejudice imposed on China. But all the pro-China views disappeared after he joined the Trump team.

Fighting for China
Ross is interested in culture and art from China, and it is said that the collection of Chinese art in the home has reached more than 200 pieces.
Ross has extensive investment and business related to China: he once invested in Chinese companies to produce clean coal, and also worked with Chinese state-owned enterprises to carry out maritime business and participated in the rescue work of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.
After years of dealing with the Chinese business community, Ross’s view of China is significantly different from the prejudice that prevails in the United States.
In 2010, Ross expressed his admiration for the Chinese government's ability to quickly launch a green energy economic policy.
In 2012, when Trump said in his election campaign that "China is raping the United States", Ross said in an interview: "The United States has been over-exploited against China."
"Actually, if China really appreciates the appreciation of its currency, then those jobs will not return to the United States, but to any country with a lower labor price, such as Vietnam or Thailand, so they think that these jobs will return to the mainland. The idea is fantasy.” Ross said that in terms of external output, “China is like a victim of Japan 15 years ago.”

After joining the Trump team, it became "hawkish"
All this open pro-China stance came to an abrupt end after Rose joined the Trump team in September 2016. After that, Rose's speech was getting closer to Navarro's remarks.
As an unnamed economist, Navarro had three books in China before, and he was known for his toughness against China.
Ross and Navarro co-authored a 32-page economic policy plan in which they used very fierce language to attack China's exchange rate policy and China's trade policy. However, the above economic plan was rejected by most mainstream American economists as "no logic." It should be noted that although Ross was ranked first in the signature of the above plan, and after comparison with the first financial reporters, most of the above economic governance plans are the same as Navarro’s Deadly China (Death). The content in By China) is highly similar.

Is Ross a double-headed eagle?
Will the duality that Ross showed before joining the Trump team will play a positive role in China affairs?
John Thornton, former president of Goldman Sachs and head of the China Center of the Brookings Institution, believes that Ross will be a favorable factor in Sino-US relations. "He is a pragmatist, not an ideologically supreme person."
Gary Hufbauer, an economist at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in the United States, said: "He is a businessman who has done a lot of single business with China and can be a regulatory force."


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