The results of the first (set) major technical equipment awards and premium subsidy funds review in Henan Province in 2019, let us see which super-hard enterprise was selected.

Abstract According to Chinese super hard material Xiaobian learned in Henan Industry and Information Committee website, "Insurance compensation mechanism of major technical equipment to carry out experimental work on the first (set) in accordance with the provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, Insurance Regulatory Bureau in Henan Notice" (Yu Cai Enterprise [2015] No. 25) and provincial government...

According to the website of SuperChina Hard Materials Network, I learned from the website of Henan Industry and Information Technology Committee that in accordance with the pilot work of the Provincial Finance Department, the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission and the Henan Insurance Regulatory Bureau on the implementation of the first (set) major technical equipment insurance compensation mechanism. Notice (Yu Cai Enterprise [2015] No. 25) and the Provincial Government Office's "Notice on Forwarding Certain Policies for Supporting Transformation and Development in Henan Province" (Yu Zheng Office [2017] No. 71) Document Spirit, according to "Henan Province Industry and Notice of the Ministry of Finance of Henan Province on the completion of the first (set) major technical equipment awards and premium subsidy funds in Henan Province in 2019 (Yugong Xinlian (2018) No. 118), Henan Province The Commission and the Finance Department organized the first (set) major technical equipment awards and premium subsidy fund declaration work in Henan Province. After expert review, it is proposed to provide premium subsidies for 26 products such as CTT9030E-4200 open TBM produced by 11 companies including China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., focusing on the automated production line for gem-quality diamond synthesis of Tianbao Yuxiang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. - 50 items such as the V type are rewarded.

Pyrite translated into the Iron pyrites or pyrites lump, also can be called Ferro sulphur.Luoyang PeRfect Trading Co.,Ltd. specialize in the production and sales of high-grade pyrite (FeS2)/ Ferro sulphur, Has the rights of import and export operation.

The products are mainly exported to East Asia, South America, Western Europe, Australia and Taiwan markets. We are China's major exporters of pyrite, "SHINASHIWEN" is the first brand of high grade pyrite export. Products are widely as increase sulfur agent used in smelting and casting, fillers of grinding wheel's abrasive, soil conditioner, as the adsorbent of heavy metals in wastewater, filler of core-spun yarn, lithium battery cathode materials, by the user praise and trust.


S: 48%min, FE: 42%min, SIO2: 3.0%max, PB: 0.1%max,

ZN: 0.1%max, AS: 0.1%max, . C: 0.3%max, CU: 0.2%max,

H20: 1.0%max, SIZE: 95%min

Granularity: (0-3)mm/(3-8)mm/(3-15)mm/(15-50)mm or other particle size.

Packing: 25KG/500KG/1000KG/BAG or 1000KG/BAG or other packaging.

Iron Sulfide Powder Iron sulfide MSDS

Iron sulfide powder


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