Why choose custom furniture for decoration

The latest report from Huai'an Furniture Network: Nowadays, why choose custom furniture for decoration? It has become a major topic in the furniture industry. Although all kinds of finished furniture on the market are dazzling, sometimes it is really necessary to customize furniture. The reason is simple, suitable for yourself and your home. Your living needs, your visual preferences, and the size of your home layout, to perfectly fit these personalized options, are not simple industrial standardized products can do.


Reasons for custom-made furniture : The materials and sizes of finished furniture can be customized according to the size of the home. For some families, especially small-sized families, there are thousands of choices for the finished furniture. It's only a short distance away. At this time, customization is undoubtedly the most sensible choice.


Customized furniture products should pay attention to:

1. The production cycle is long and it takes a long time to wait. Not to mention that good designers and good craftsmen can't take orders, even if people have time to make them for you, good things have to be polished carefully. Generally, the custom furniture period is 1-2 months, so anxious owners can ignore it. 2. The finished furniture can be produced in batches, and the cost will come down. Customized furniture is tailor-made for you, the production cost will be higher than the finished furniture, and make a good budget. 3. The size must be measured, otherwise what is the significance of custom furniture. 4. Try to choose environmentally friendly materials. 5. After explaining your requirements clearly, you still need to listen to the opinions of designers and craftsmen. Communication is very important. What you need to do is express your ideas as clearly as possible. The owner's most concerned about custom furniture 1. What is good and bad for custom furniture? Advantages: Customized furniture is more in line with functional requirements, and is more in line with user requirements in terms of size. It can be more practical without wasting space. Disadvantages: After all, custom furniture is not produced in a process and industrial design, so it is likely that there is a big gap between quality and hope, and you must be prepared for your thoughts. Generally speaking, quality is uneven, so choosing a big and trustworthy brand is the key. "Carpenter masters" in the contracting team often mess up these seemingly difficult and actually very sophisticated designs.

2. What can be customized? Most people can think of a variety of cabinets and stairs, but in fact, there are many things that can be customized in a home, including but not limited to: sofas, curtains, carpets, doors and windows, sanitary ware, and even wallpaper. Customization is generally in the following dimensions: size, material, color, pattern and design. Only one of the dimensions can be replaced, or it can be fully replaced.

3. Will custom homes be expensive? Custom homes are still quite expensive for ordinary finished furniture. After all, the finished furniture is produced on the assembly line, and the labor cost is relatively low; while the customization is completely personalized and hand-made, the price will naturally be a little more expensive. If you want to use first-line brand cabinets, the price will be even higher. Customization is not about price, but about quality.

4. Who to find? It is recommended to find a brand that has given customization options to complete the customization. Such a brand has more experience in customization. After all, customization is a personalized, non-batch production, and the requirements for process and quality control are relatively high.

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