Weinan "Snow Project" Construction Promotion Conference Big Data Intelligently Weaving "Safety Network"

(Reporter Gao Juan) On August 7, the city's "Snow Project " construction promotion meeting was held. The meeting informed the situation and current situation of the construction of the "Snow Project" in the city, analyzed the existing problems, and arranged the next phase of work.
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The meeting pointed out that at present, the city's public video surveillance points reached more than 10,000, social video surveillance points reached 190,000, uploading video resources more than 9,000 roads, ranking first in the province; image information exchange and sharing platform is currently integrated with traffic, More than 500 video surveillance resources in water, cultural relics, education and other departments. There are more than 170 points in the comprehensive management network, and there are three levels of full coverage of cities, counties and towns. More than 2,400 grids with handheld terminals are distributed in various villages and communities throughout the city, relying on comprehensive “9+X” information. The system realizes the dynamic service management of contradictions and disputes, special people, and security risks. Last year, the city's use of "sharp project" platform for direct, indirect detection of 70% of the total number of cases, a sense of the city's public security reached 93.61%. In the first half of this year, there were 3,638 criminal cases, a year-on-year decrease of 19%, and 2,968 criminal cases were cracked, up 8.2% year-on-year; law and order cases fell by 16% year-on-year; through the comprehensive information system, 4413 outstanding disputes were resolved, and the solution was successfully resolved. From 4161, the resolution rate was over 94%.
The meeting stressed that all levels and departments must improve their political standing, adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and fully understand the "Snow Project" construction is an urgent need to maintain the overall stability of the economy and society, and consciously grasp the "Snow Project" We will do our best to make full use of the "Snow Project" forecast and early warning prevention function, resolutely prevent the occurrence of serious and extraordinary cases, and provide strong protection for economic and social development; "Snow Project" is the realistic need to improve the level of social governance in the new era, and actively "Engineering" combines with the strong police of science and technology, giving full play to the intelligent advantages of modern science and technology, allowing machines, platforms, videos, and data to move, run, and turn, improve the efficiency and actual combat level of law enforcement, and explore a way out. "Snow Project" is a new way for science and technology to strengthen police; "Snow Project" is to meet the people's livelihood needs of the people's sense of gain, speed up the construction of "Snow Project", and constantly improve the level and ability to protect the people and serve the people so that the people have more access. Feeling, security and happiness.
The meeting requested that all levels and departments should strengthen their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, accelerate the intensification of the infrastructure construction of the "Snow Project", accelerate the integration of the "Snow Project" network sharing, accelerate the standardization of the "Snow Project" construction and maintenance, and accelerate the promotion of "Snow Bright" "Integrated application construction" to ensure the completion of the "Snow Project" construction task. It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership and implement various work measures. All counties (cities, districts) should take "Snow Project" as the brand engineering and people's livelihood project of the city's social governance, and the political and legal committee secretary should grasp the construction of "Snow Project" In the hands, personally coordinate and solve related problems to ensure the smooth progress of project construction; continuously strengthen departmental linkages, the political and legal committees of all counties (cities, districts) should give full play to the overall role of the department, establish an inter-departmental coordination mechanism, and promote the division of labor among relevant departments. Responsible and close cooperation to ensure that the "Snow Project" is completed on time and in quality. The project supervision and supervision will be continuously strengthened. The relevant departments of the Municipal Party Committee, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, and the Comprehensive Management Office will strictly control and use policies, and investigate and punish the activities of violations of laws and regulations in strict accordance with the law; continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, and all departments at all levels must strictly implement social security. Comprehensively manage the leadership responsibility system, scientifically use assessment, supervision, assessment and other measures to ensure the implementation of the total deployment of the "Snow Project" in China and the province. All departments at all levels must adhere to the combination of goal orientation, problem orientation and effect orientation, adhere to the integration of mechanism innovation, management innovation and technological innovation, and promote the construction of "Snow Project" to a new level with higher standards to ensure "global coverage, The construction goal of sharing across the whole network, available throughout the city, and controllable throughout the entire process is achieved as soon as possible.
Before the meeting, the participants also went to the municipal network Letter Office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the municipal comprehensive stability maintenance center to observe the "sharp" project construction and operation of the platform. At the meeting, Jia, the deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the director of the Comprehensive Management Office, re-informed the construction of the “Snow Project” in the city. The Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Political and Legal Committee of Heyang County Committee, and the Standing Committee of Fuping County Committee made speeches. The heads of the member units of the “Snow Project” construction leading group of the city, the political and legal committee secretary, the public security bureau chief and the director of the comprehensive management office of each county (city, district) attended the meeting.

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