Different kinds of wallpaper cleaning and maintenance methods

How to deal with the wallpaper

Wallpaper maintenance one: wallpaper lifting treatment

The wallpaper is generally lifted due to the thermal expansion and contraction caused by changes in weather temperature and humidity. Generally, it only needs to be pasted with a professional wallpaper glue, and a flat object such as a book, such as a table tennis bat, can be pressed.

Wallpaper maintenance 2: wallpaper bubble processing

If there is a phenomenon of blistering in the wallpaper inside the home, it is generally caused by uneven glue coating when the wall is partially pasted, and foaming due to lack of glue. You can use a sewing needle to make a small hole in the foaming position on the surface of the wallpaper, release the gas, put a proper amount of adhesive into the eye of the needle, and finally dry it with a flat book.

Wallpaper maintenance three: wallpaper moldy treatment

Because the indoor air has too much water vapor and the indoor ventilation is not good, the mold will breed on the wallpaper. To deal with the mildew of the wallpaper, first wipe the wall with a dry cloth, then add the 84 bottle of disinfectant to the 4 cups of water, or use a diluted professional wallpaper cleaner to evenly distribute the wall after wiping the mold. surface.

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