Why should we emphasize the application of chemical fertilizers combined with organic fertilizers?

The application of chemical fertilizers combined with organic fertilizers is a scientific decision to fertilize. This is determined by the nature and characteristics of organic and chemical fertilizers. The characteristics of organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers are as follows:
(1) Most of the high-quality organic fertilizers contain a large amount of organic matter. The application of high-quality organic fertilizers all the year can not only increase the soil organic matter content, but also continuously update the soil organic matter, thus improving the physical and chemical properties of the soil. The role of soil improvement: chemical fertilizers do not contain organic matter, generally there is no direct soil modification. This shows that organic fertilizer is the basic material for building high-yield and stable farmland.
(2) There are many kinds of organic fertilizers, and the nutrients are comprehensive. People often call it a complete fertilizer, but the nutrient content of organic fertilizer is very low. About 1000 kg of high-quality manure contains only 5 kg of nitrogen (N); while chemical fertilizers and nutrients The content is high. For example, 100 kg of urea contains 46 kg of nitrogen. According to 1000 kg, nitrogen is 460 kg, which is 92 times that of manure. However, the disadvantage of chemical fertilizers is that they contain a relatively simple variety of nutrients. In the case of urea, it contains only the nitrogen in the three elements of NPK, which does not contain phosphorus and potassium, while the superphosphate contains only phosphorus and does not contain nitrogen and potassium. The application alone does not meet the needs of the crop.
(3) The nutrients in organic fertilizers are mostly organic and need to be decomposed by soil microbes in order to be converted into nutrients that can be absorbed by crops. Therefore, the fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizers is slow, but lasts for a long time and has aftereffects; The nutrients contained in most chemical fertilizers are water-soluble and can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops. Therefore, the chemical fertilizer has a quick fertilizer effect and quick effect, and can provide more nutrients when the crop needs nutrients most, but its fertilizer effect is short and cannot be sustained. It can be seen that rational application of chemical fertilizer is a material guarantee for improving crop yield.
(4) Organic fertilizers need to be decomposed and converted to release nutrients for crop absorption. Therefore, the utilization rate of organic fertilizers in the current season is not high. For example, the nitrogen utilization rate of decomposed organic fertilizer is only 20% to 30%, but it has less nutrient loss and long fertilizer supply when it is decomposed. The nutrient content in chemical fertilizer is high, most of which is fast-acting nutrients, easy to volatilize and drench. Loss (especially nitrogen fertilizer) and other ways to lose, resulting in low fertilizer utilization in the current season. For example, the nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate is generally around 35%, the phosphate fertilizer is about 10% to 25%, and the potassium fertilizer is above 40%.
By comparing the two, it is not difficult to see that organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers have their own advantages and disadvantages, and some of the advantages of organic fertilizers are the shortcomings of chemical fertilizers, and some of the advantages of chemical fertilizers are the shortcomings of organic fertilizers. Therefore, the combination of the two can be used to complement each other and give full play to their respective characteristics. This is the necessity and scientific reason for the combination of the two.

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