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Simply distinguish bearing quality

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Where there is a change; there is a bearing; the bearing is indispensable in the machine; its functional quality seriously affects the mechanical function and the life; because the bearing has a large amount of work; so the wear loss is relatively large; thus; protect and replace the bearing It is a common work in mechanical repair; however; how to ensure the quality of the bearing; it is a problem that we pay more and more attention; it is also the foundation; below; I analyze the method of distinguishing the quality of the bearing.
First of all; look at the bearing on the steel can be clear: each bearing above; are marked with the brand; font size; label and other imprint; the authentic bearing of these marks concave deep; and very clear; and counterfeit bearings; because of rough skills; The handwriting is vague; sometimes the club is simply wiped off by hand.
Again; see if the outer packaging can be clarified: under normal circumstances; genuine bearings have individual personnel to describe the packaging; and strict requirements in the production process; thus; from the line to the color block is very clear; unambiguous There is also a personal depiction of the individual.
Can there be noise: the left hand grasps the bearing body sleeve; the right hand pushes the jacket to make it rotate; listen to whether it can have noise, because the production conditions of some counterfeit products are backward; thoroughly hand-operated operation; in the production process It is inevitable that the impurities of the solid particles will be incorporated; it will be hidden in the bearing body; therefore, the noise will be announced during the rotation. This is the biggest difference between the strict implementation of the production specifications and the operation of the factory brand.
Whether the appearance of dirty oil traces: This should be uniquely noted when purchasing imported bearings. Because the current domestic anti-rust skills are not unique to the home; so the rust-proof treatment of the bearing body is very simple to leave a thick trace of oil; It is sticky and sticky on the hand; the bearings imported from foreign countries can hardly see the traces of anti-rust oil; but it is a unique and careful expert that the imported bearings smell a smell; it is definitely anti-rust oil; I can't see it.
Whether the chamfer can be even: the chamfer of the bearing; that is, the intersection of the horizontal and the vertical; the counterfeit bearing is restrained by the production skill; the position of the corners is not satisfactory.
The above is some of my insights on the quality of the bearings; I hope to have some assistance to us; we are in the time of purchasing the bearings; we must pay attention to the investigation of the supplier's reputation and morality; this requires the personal judgment of the purchaser; only find some solid; reputation Good business; talented to buy good quality; reliable goods.

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