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Mobile phone camera cleaning agent is professionally used in the processing of mobile phone camera processing to clean dust and other dirt. Can eliminate many manual wiping work, greatly improve production efficiency, mobile phone camera cleaning agent

First, the use of mobile phone camera cleaning agent, is used in the production process of mobile phone camera cleaning dust and other dirty. It can eliminate many manual wiping work and greatly improve production efficiency.

Second, the introduction of mobile phone camera cleaning agent, mainly using a variety of imported lens special surfactant processing, according to different customer production processes, the production of: roller brush cleaning, low foam, medium bubble, ultrasonic cleaning and other types .

Second, product characteristics
1. Environmental protection: This cleaning agent is a water-soluble and environmentally friendly product, which is harmless to the environment and the human body.
2, rinsing: for water-soluble products, can quickly dissolve with water in any ratio, the general application concentration is 2-5%, rinse thoroughly after washing, no residue.
3, cleaning: the cleaning agent has a strong dust removal, powder removal, oil removal and degreasing ability, has a good cleaning power for all types of dirt.
4, durability: high concentration formula, long service life, greatly reducing the number of slots, providing production efficiency and reducing production costs.

Third, technical services
1. Formula trial: This product can provide samples for usability testing free of charge.
2, formula development: For special requirements or other needs, our R & D personnel can be targeted for formulation adjustment or formulation development. Really meet the needs of customers and progress with customers.
3. Training Guidance: For customers who apply this cleaning agent, our company will provide guidance and training for operators.
5, the general process: ultrasonic cleaning - ultrasonic cleaning - rinse - rinse - rinse - rinse - dry brush - brush - spray - brush - spray - air dry
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