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SKF bearings: extra life and dynamic loads

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-10-07

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SKF bearing extra life and dynamic load.
1. The bearing life is under the effect of certain load; the number of revolutions or hours experienced by SKF bearings before pitting corrosion;
Because of the accuracy of production; the difference in the degree of uniformity of the data; even the same data; the same batch of bearings of the same scale; used under the same operating conditions; the length of life is not the same. If the calculated life is 1 unit; the longest The relative life is 4 units; the shortest is 0. 1-0. 2 units; the ratio of the longest to the shortest life is 20-40 times.
To determine the specification of the SKF bearing life; the bearing life is related to the reliability.
2, the extra life number of senior professors describe the extra life. The same standard (type, data, process) of a group of bearings; under the same operating conditions; 90% of the bearings do not pitting; the number of revolutions or hours of experience The number is called the extra life of the bearing.
3. The fundamental extra dynamic load is the bearing capacity of the anti-pitting corrosion of the SKF bearing; the extra life of the regular bearing is one million revolutions (106); the maximum acceptable load is the fundamental additional dynamic load; It is the SKF bearing under the effect of additional dynamic load C; the reliability of this bearing operation of one million revolutions (106) without pitting failure is 90%; the larger the C, the higher the bearing capacity.
About the fundamental extra dynamic load. 1) The radial bearing refers to the pure radial load. 2) The thrust ball bearing refers to the pure axial load. 3) The radial thrust bearing refers to the radial weight where the pure radial displacement occurs.
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